B4 Time Workforce Solutions Offers

 Robust Time & Attendance TrackingBenefit AccrualsPoint & IncidentsVisual SchedulingCMS-PBJ Filing, Compliance & Many Time Collection Methods

Web Based Time & Attendance

Attendance on Demand is a service customized for your organization.  Therefore, Attendance on Demand is a great tool to simplify employee management.

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Cloud-Smart Phone Apps

Punch in/out

Record GPS punches and transfers

Punch restrictions prevent double punching or punching in early

or out late for shifts, breaks, or meals

Enter hours through daily worksheet

Receive alerts for missing punch, unapproved timecard, and pending messages

Enter missed punches

Approve timecard

Transfer from one department to another

Request leave for partial day, full day, or multiple days, and review leave request history

Send Call in Late and Call in Absent notices to supervisors

Leave a message to supervisors and review message history

Enter tips, if employees report tips

Enter expenses, if employees report meals and mileage, for example

Review punches, schedules, worked hours, benefit balances, and leave requests

Change login PIN

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Interface Seamlessly to Any Payroll System

Our dedicated team will integrate our solution to seamlessly import into any payroll system. Just give us a call.

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Visual Scheduling

Schedule Management

Long-Term Care Scheduling: How To Manage Facilities When They Never Close….

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