Benefit Accruals

Attendance on Demand Benefit Accruals module automatically calculates any series of conditions and rules for accumulating benefit time. Accrual rates and tracking can vary based on job position, seniority, employment status, or a variety of other conditions.

Organizations that automate benefit accruals achieve the following results immediately:

A configurable engine calculates company-defined leave rules, automating all record keeping. Accuracy increases by eliminating error-prone manual calculations.

  • Benefit balances are available for each day of employment, letting organizations deliver real-time balances to managers and employees.
  • Accrual rates can also be based on employee activity such as worked hours, scheduled hours, or unscheduled shifts.
  • Organizations can automate maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover, and borrowing benefits.
  • Robust reporting tools let organizations retrieve and analyze leave-related employee data — showing instantly which employees have high or low leave balances.
  • Stay in Compliance

Benefit Accruals automates the calculation, validation, and granting of leave time available to the employee. It improves compliance with corporate policies and bargaining agreements, and it minimizes an organization’s exposure to leave liability and employee grievances. Benefit Accruals also tracks FMLA and other mandated leave policies..